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  • Nuclear power in Germany Wikipedia

    Nuclear power in Germany accounted for 17.7% of national electricity supply in 2011, compared to 22.4% in 2010. German nuclear power began with research reactors in ...

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    Nautilus Minerals Inc. mining news. Explore related Nautilus Minerals Inc. articles for more information on the Nautilus Minerals Inc. mining industry.

  • Canada says coal not coming back, US and Germany

    Nearly 20 countries have joined a British-Canadian initiative to phase out coal from power generation before 2030.

  • Life after lignite: how Lusatia has returned to nature ...

    The Vattenfall lignite mine and cooling towers of the lignite-fired power plant in Jaenschwalde, Griessen, Germany. Photograph: Patrick Pleul/DPA/Corbis It is a prominent example of a wounded landscape, said Katja Sophia Wolf, the head of the Internationale Bauausstellung (IBA) student house in nearby Großräschen and one of

  • Scientists Are Mining Rare Minerals From Plants

    Your future smartphone could get a boost from plants. Reuters reports that scientists from the Freiburg University of Mining and Technology in Germany have found a ...

  • Mining

    Mining: Mining, process of extracting useful minerals from the surface of the Earth, including the seas. A mineral, with a few exceptions, is an inorganic substance ...

  • The dirty coal behind Germany's clean energy

    Germany is not only building new coal plants, but they use lignite, a soft brown coal halfway between coal and peat with an even higher CO2 and ash content than hard coal. Germany is the largest lignite producer on earth and get it from strip mining.

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    EARTHWORKS advertises worldwide careers jobs and employment opportunities in mining mineral exploration engineering

  • Zwickau Wikipedia

    Zwickau (German pronunciation: ; Sorbian (hist.): Šwikawa, Czech Cvikov, is a town in Saxony, Germany, it is the capital of the district of Zwickau.

  • Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Phosphate Mine Mining ...

    The Aurora phosphate operation is located at Lee Creek in Beaufort County, North Carolina, USA. The largest integrated phosphate mining and chemical plant in the ...

  • Germany Mining News and Commentary

    Germany mining news. Explore related Germany articles for more information on the Germany mining industry.

  • German coal industry underpins renewable push BBC News

    Despite its reputation as a clean energy leader, Germany is increasing its reliance on coal, and the dirtiest kind of coal in particular.

  • The German Coal Conundrum

    The German Coal Conundrum: ... New coal plants in Germany are unrelated to ... mining in Germany. Because of its low energy

  • gold mines in germany for sale BINQ Mining

    Feb 17, 2013· > Mining News > gold mines in germany for sale; ... gold mines in germany for sale in Chennai, ... mobile crusher plant manufacturer in germany;

  • German lignite accord: it will take a lot more to beat lignite

    German accord: it will take a lot ... German power plants to lignite mining company Mibrag ... begun from Germany and Poland when the status of mining in North ...

  • STEINERT Global Germany Industry Leader in

    STEINERT are manufacturers of powerful wet and dry magnetic separation solutions, sophisticated induction, optical, x-ray, color and 3D spatial sensor systems that ...

  • Germany's dirty little secret: Brown coal mines challenge ...

    Germany's reputation as a pioneer of clean, green energy seems a far cry from the reality on the ground in the village of Atterwasch.

  • List of power stations in Germany Wikipedia

    List of power stations in Germany Map all coordinates using: ... For a more up-to-date list of power plants in Germany refer to the Global Energy ...