operation iron hammer

  • Operation Iron Hammer Institute for the Study of War

    Operation Iron Hammer was launched by Multi-National Division North (Task Force Iron) on November 5, 2007. Iron Hammer is a division-level offensive operation and a follow-on to Operations Lightning Hammer I and II.

  • ThreatsWatch.Org: InBrief: Operation Iron Hammer in Hit

    Coalition forces have launched Operation Iron Hammer in the city of Hit. This is a multi-battalion operation consisting of one Iraqi and two to three U.S. battalions ...

  • Operation Iron Hammer (Iraq 2005) Wikipedia

    Operation Iron Hammer, also called Operation Matraqa Hadidia, was a military undertaking by the United States Armed Forces, and the New Iraqi Army, which was conducted east of Hīt, Iraq, from 30 November, to 3 January 2006, during the Iraq War, against the Iraqi insurgency.